mindfulness for life

mindfulness for life

mindfulness for life.

kind therapy, effective therapy.

mindfulness for life

The essence of mindfulness
is learning to relate to yourself
with kindness.

In a war against yourself
there is no way to win.

This is a different strategy.

who we are

Therapy is not just about learning a technique. A skilled therapist will share in an experiential process that is grounded their own practice, embodied in their ability to be present and authentic.
We are lifelong learners and critical thinkers, ready to meet you where you are.

what we do

We are psychotherapists located in Toronto, with a shared interest in experiential therapies that include mindfulness, compassion and somatic trauma work. We help people with issues like anxiety, depression, anger, grief, trauma and abuse, self-esteem, life transitions and relationship struggles. We hold space to honour racialized trauma, ecological despair, and other kinds of pain it can be difficult to hold alone.

support for therapists

We are an educational clinic offering clinical supervision, groups, training and community building events for therapy professionals with a focus on mindfulness therapy, compassion therapy, and somatic trauma therapy. Experienced supervisor with 15+ years in frontline nonprofit and private practice settings; educator in university and organizational settings.

affordable options

making therapy more accessible
An affordable therapy rate is available to those needing financial relief to access therapy
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