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You are welcome here.
We are working on eliminating barriers of all kinds.

It can be frightening to reach out for the first time, especially if you are not sure that you can afford help.

Low-cost psychotherapy at a reduced rate of $60 is available to those who would not be able to afford support without this financial relief. We can meet with you in person in Toronto, or online from anywhere in Ontario.

Affordable therapy rates are provided by Registered Psychotherapists with Qualifying status who are completing the final requirements for their master’s degree.


affordable therapy F.A.Q.

Anyone who declares that they are not able to access therapy at the regular rate ($100+), may pay the affordable rate with our affordable rate therapists.

We recognize the overwhelming need in our communities and the backlog of wait lists for affordable psychotherapy. While we are not able make up for a lack of public funding in mental health, we saw an opportunity to make a small difference. Therapists who are completing requirements towards their degree are usually volunteering their time. Unlike many clinics, we see no need to make excess profit from their services and we would rather see it benefit people who could otherwise not access therapy.

They have largely completed their training.
Most student therapists have largely completed their coursework towards a Master’s Degree and are in the final step of completing a certain number of supervised clinical hours.

They are Registered Psychotherapists (Qualifying).
Most student therapists in our clinic have completed the requirements to become members of the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario – this is often a requirement for psychotherapy to be covered by insurance benefit plans.

They are working closely with an experienced supervisor and getting lots of specialized training.
Our clinic prioritizes clinical education and your therapist is working as a team with an experienced clinical supervisor who they meet with regularly to review videos of sessions, hone their skills and ideas, and to develop specialized knowledge such as treating trauma or working with neurodivergent individuals.

It’s a great way to find a skilled therapist before their wait list fills up.
Successful therapists find themselves in high demand and rarely have room to take on new clients. Finding a great fit with a therapist at the beginning of their career is a smart way to get started.

Many therapists can tell you horror stories about student placements where they were completely unsupported and meeting clients with no guidance, observation or way to understand whether they are being effective. Our clinic is different – prioritizing mentorship, education and support that produces effective, informed and skilled therapists. We go beyond counselling basics and textbook CBT, with an emphasis on mindfulness, somatics/embodiment, trauma specific and culturally sensitive therapy.

No-cost psychotherapy or counselling can be very difficult to access, but you do have some options.

  • It is generally not covered by OHIP, unless provided by a GP psychotherapist.
  • Your family doctor may be able to refer you to a counsellor who is part of your family health team, to a hospital based program or CAMH.
  • Consult 211 (dial from any phone) for community organizations near you that offer counselling services. These are usually free or low cost for low income people. Some examples are Family Service Toronto, Woodgreen.
  • Children and youth services can be access through the What’s Up Walk in.