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Oona Fraser Clinical Supervisor

Not just an experienced therapist.

clinical supervision with Oona Fraser and Associates

Supervision is a relationship that aims to draw the best out of your unique wisdom.
A supervisor learns how to help people learn, how to help them stay healthy in the work, and how to connect to a larger network of knowledge and support.

how we do supervision

all supervision agreements include:


  • individual meetings with an experienced psychotherapist
  • supervision guided by your personal learning goals
  • flexible support for developing who YOU are as a therapist
  • kind and confidential space for unpacking and reflecting on the impact of the work and the self of the therapist


  • guidance usually available within 24 hrs for emergent situations
  • advice on documentation and admin practices
  • familiarity with CRPO competencies, standards and codes of ethics
  • structured feedback on skill development


  • connect with a community of peers through the Mindfulnetwork membership site
  • optional biweekly seminars and discussion groups
  • join our annual summer picnic and winter holiday parties
  • the supervision team can step in if your supervisor is unavailable, or if a problem needs extra support

Comprehensive support for new practitioners

You are:
required to practice under supervision
you don’t already have a primary supervisor providing oversight for your practice

The supervised practice agreement includes:

  • regular individual supervision meetings
  • oversight of your caseload, guidance on your documentation and admin practices
  • membership in the Mindfulnetwork with access to community forum, biweekly seminars and discussion groups
  • supervisor or back up supervisor usually available within 24 hrs if needed to help address an emergency situation
  • Monthly subscription $360

    includes 2 individual supervision meetings

  • Reduced fee for small practices $260

    You see fewer than 5 clients per week - you and supervisor agree that meeting once per month can provide sufficient oversight

  • Group Supervision $85

    optional add-on when spots are available

Continuing learning for independent or established practitioners

already have a primary supervisor and are looking for additional support
you are qualified for the independent practice of psychotherapy, and want ongoing professional development or support

The supervised practice agreement includes:

  • an ongoing supportive relationship
  • flexibility to book consultations as needed
  • a subscription to regular meetings includes membership in the Mindfulnetwork community site with access to forum, biweekly seminars and discussion groups
  • Monthly subscription $165

    includes one individual supervision meeting per month, and membership in the Mindfulnetwork community with access to seminars and forum

  • pay per meeting $165

    meet only as needed at the supervisors' hourly rate

  • group supervision $85

    optional add-on when spots are available

Include the wisdom of your peers

Psychotherapists at all levels of experience are welcome to join the supervision groups

Supervision groups can provide supervision hours for CRPO requirements, but if you are required to practice under supervision, you will still need a supervised practice agreement or equivalent with another supervisor.

  • Monthly subscription $85

    members will be able to attend one or two 90-minute supervision groups per month, as well as all Mindfulnetwork benefits including seminars and discussion groups

Expand your network and your ideas

all psychotherapy professionals and students are welcome to join the Mindfulnetwork peer supervision community

The Mindfulnetwork membership aims to help psychotherapists establish meaningful peer relationships, to support each other’s ongoing professional development and develop a referral network of professionals we actually know and trust. These activities are not supervision hours, but are professional development hours towards your QA

  • biweekly Lunch and Learn seminars and discussion groups
  • membership profile and directory
  • community forum
  • office hours
  • included with any other supervision subscription $0

    all supervsion agreements with a monthly subscription include membership in the Mindfulnetwork

  • monthly subscription $25

    stay connected to a practice community without the expense of supervision groups

  • attend one seminar $25

    drop in to any seminar without a membership

supervision, consultation and professional development for clinical teams

Oona is available as an external supervisor or consultant to provide group consultations or customized training for your organization.

Oona is experienced at supporting best practices among a diverse range of therapeutic approaches and clinical settings, and her areas of special expertise are:

  • Trauma and trauma-specific therapies
  • Mindfulness/acceptance/compassion-based practices in therapy and for the therapist
  • Supporting survivors of childhood abuse and intimate partner violence
  • Clinical supervision and experiential learning
  • fee starts at $300

    minimum fee $300 for the first hour, $200 per hour prorated thereafter.

the clinical supervision team

clinical supervision with Oona Fraser and Associates

mindfulness therapy
Oona Fraser Toronto Therapist

Oona Fraser, M.A., R.P.

Clinical Director
Clinical Supervisor
Registered Psychotherapist
M.A. Transpersonal Counselling Psychology 2009

Style of Practice

somatic psychotherapies
experiential therapies
mindfulness -based, contemplative and compassion-focused therapies
feminist, anti-oppressive therapies
existential psychotherapy

Areas of Interest

supervision and education
trauma, abuse, shame and developmental injuries
embodied mindfulness
existential despair, meaning/meaninglessness
mental health and systemic injustice

I’m not just an experienced therapist – I have a deep interest in the pedagogy of psychotherapy and best practices in clinical supervision. I’ve been teaching mindfulness for over 20 years and more than 10 years’ experience as a clinical supervisor in frontline nonprofit and private practice environments. I’ve taught as university faculty, delivered trainings and seminars to major service organizations, supervised student placements from many Ontario universities, and have mentored dozens of RPs and social workers. I fully meet the latest CRPO requirements for clinical supervisors.

I have significant experience with issues of intimate partner violence, childhood sexual abuse and other forms of trauma. I specialize in experiential therapies including mindfulness-acceptance therapies, somatic trauma therapies, existential, gestalt, feminist and contemplative psychotherapies. I have a M.A. in Transpersonal Counselling Psychology and I’m also the graduate of a Buddhist seminary – informing the depth of my mindfulness-based and compassion-focused work with clients. My practice focuses on adult individuals and is client-centered, queer-positive and anti-oppressive. As an experienced supervisor I also support clinicians with an eclectic approach including relational, narrative, systemic, psychodynamic, solution-focused and CBT approaches.


does not supervise: therapy with children

Lindsay Kudlow, M.A., R.P.

Associate Supervisor
Registered Psychotherapist
M.A. Counselling Psychology

Style of Practice

culturally sensitive
acceptance-commitment (ACT)
compassion-focused (CFT)
emotion-focused (EFT)
attachment focused
cognitive-behavioural (CBT)
internal family systems (IFS)

Areas of Interest

relationship issues
self esteem
stress and burnout
complex trauma
effective communication and boundary setting

As a therapist and supervisor, my approach is integrative and trauma-focused, emphasizing relational and culturally sensitive practice.

My expertise is in addressing relationship challenges, self-esteem, anxiety, and complex trauma, utilizing a blend of evidence-based methods including Acceptance and Commitment, Emotion-Focused, and Cognitive Behavioral therapies.

I am committed to supporting the LGBTQ2S+ community and addressing concerns such as stress, grief, and effective communication.

My practice is dedicated to fostering resilience and empowering individuals through a strength-based, person-centered framework.

practice website

does not supervise: child, family, couples therapy

Diviya Lewis, M.A., R.P.

Associate Supervisor
Registered Psychotherapist
M.A. Counselling Psychology

Waitlist September 2024

clinical supervision

with Oona Fraser, M.A., R.P.

Services for therapy professionals include individual and group consultations, supervision groups, community events for therapists, training and consultations for organizations.

My clinic operates as a practicum program for master’s level students and a supervised practice program for newer therapists.

I particularly welcome R.P.s interested in deepening their practice in mindfulness-based, compassion-focused, trauma-specific, somatic or contemplative psychotherapy.