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mindfulness for life

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Therapy can be lonely work. Let’s talk to one another!

Meet your Toronto therapist neighbours and build genuine relationships with a peer network.

We are better, stronger and more resilient in our work through connections with one another. Peer supervision groups, networks and conversation are crucial to our self care and to the quality of our practice. We can help each other stay up to date on research and resources, humanize our struggles, be inspired, share referrals.

All psychotherapy professionals and students are welcome.

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Join the mindfulnetwork!

A peer supervision network for creative and embodied therapists

$25 monthly membership includes

  • community forum with threaded conversations
  • access to all Seminars, recorded content and other events
  • office hours with an experienced clinical supervisor
  • profile and member directory
  • resource library
  • supervision groups (additional fee)

...or attend a Lunch and Learn Seminar

Tuesdays at 11 am

Enjoy a friendly space to meet and chat with local colleagues while reviewing a foundational principle in therapy practice.

Facilitated by Oona Fraser, M.A., R.P.

Attend a single seminar for $25, and apply the fee to a Mindfulnetwork membership if you choose to join us in the future.

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Get updates of upcoming lunch and learn news and events about once a month.

Oona Fraser Clinical Supervisor

Why a psychotherapy peer network?

The longer I’ve served as a clinical supervisor, the more clear it is to me that the best support I can give therapists is helping them connect to one another. Creative insights emerge most powerfully as a collective, not a single authoritative voice. Since we’ve moved to meeting on Zoom it’s been even harder to come up with ways to facilitate these peer relationships.

I created the Mindfulnetwork as a membership site with features that should make it easier to hear the voices of your therapist peers, carry on the conversation, share resources with one another and feel connected to developments in your field.

I hope the network will be the right size – big enough to feel connected and get fresh ideas, small enough to be able to build genuine relationships with the other members.

Is it supervision?

Supervision is a career-spanning process for all therapists.
To practice ethically we must ourselves to be witnessed, to wonder and not-know, to talk through where we feel vulnerable, stuck, frustrated or avoidant in our work, to nurture the ongoing project of honing our skills and staying curious. An individual supervisor is a great support, but limited to one person’s perspective and is usually expensive to access. Therapy professionals support an ethical practice over the long haul by building peer supervision networks.

For registration purposes with the CRPO (and for social workers new to practising psychotherapy), supervision hours are expected to be in regular, structured individual/dyadic or group format with a clinical supervisor that meets CRPO requirements. For registered psychotherapists who are no longer required to practice under supervision (and social workers with more experience), supervision and consultation are an ongoing part of your practice, and may be more informal and as-needed.
While most of the support available on the Mindfulnetwork involves informal consultation, formal supervision hours are available by joining the supervision groups level of membership. Individual supervision may also be available (by application).
clinical supervision